Full Appraisals Los Angeles $275

Full Appraisals Los Angeles



Full appraisals are referred to as the most accurate appraisals. Full appraisal requires the

appraiser to physically inspect the property. Appraiser must inspect and take photos of the

exterior, interior, bedroom and bathroom count, kitchen, living room and measure living square

footage. Appraiser must inspect overall condition of exterior and interior for any visible

deficiencies or damages. After the appraisal inspection process is complete, appraiser must

compare subject property with similar properties of active/pending and that have been sold

within 6 months from the effective date of the appraisal. After gathering all this information

appraiser will use the 3 approaches to value (sales comparison, cost and apply the Income

approach if this is a multi unit or investment property). Perform the process of Reconciliation which

means the appraiser weighs the results of the three different approaches to value and arrive at an

opinion of value. Please note that this is not simply an average of the three values. For details on the full

appraisal process please refer to the appraisal process video.